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Turning empathy into business success

We at BBH Stockholm are stellar when it comes to designing digital products and services. But actually, the interface is just the tip of the iceberg and a lot happens under the surface before any sketch is drawn or line of code is written.

The service design handbook guides you to the tools and methods of improving customer experiences and leveraging brand value with seamless customer journeys. It shows how we can use customer journey understanding as a tool to empathise and find new opportunities to delight customers. We reveal our recipe for success for creating products and services that are not only desirable, but also make business sense and are feasible from an organisational and technical perspective.

This handbook also goes beyond the hard facts, and takes into account the ecosystem in which these services are built — the organisation. Design thinking, in other words creative problem solving through empathy and experimentation, requires a supportive organisational structure, agile leadership and a culture that encourages entrepreneurship and initiative.

We hope you enjoy reading our handbook as much as we enjoyed compiling it!

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