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25 hard-won truths about making apps

Since 2009 BBH Stockholm have been shaping and been shaped by, the development of the mobile market. From Red Bull and Justin Bieber to Bokus, Volvo cars and charismatic startups - We have gone from campaign-based entertainment applications to long-term business development and service design. With BBH Stockholm, you have the world’s leading mobile expert at your fingertips.

We give you 25 HARD-WON TRUTHS ABOUT APP MAKING, explaining the importance of the three pillars of all things digital; emotion, content, and functions. We discuss whether you should build a painkiller or a vitamin app, whether it should be slippy or sticky and around the importance of designing habits that make your app a necessity, rather than a compliment.

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Christoffer Hallkvist
Design Lead

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Alexander Niléhn
Business Development

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Erik Agrell
Technical Director